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"After injuring my back I suffered from severe pain & numbness down one of my legs. I had to wait several weeks for a hospital appointment so I decided to call Emily who was able to start treating me on the same day & the results were excellent. With Emily's dedication, skills & special care I was able to walk again after the 1st session. I did not know what Chiropractors where able to do before but now I can honestly recommend Emily. Thank you Emily you are a life saver." - Christian, 42



"Emily was kind enough to squeeze me in for a last minute appointment when I could feel the onset of a migraine. Thanks to her treatment the migraine never progressed & I was able to carry on as normal. If I hadn't have had treatment I would have been ill for three days! I now have regular sessions with Emily which keeps my migraines at bay." - Karen, 50


Neck pain & headaches

I was always nervous about the idea of seeing a Chiropractor but after meeting Emily I felt so at ease & now I can't believe I left it so long! I used to suffer with a sore neck & almost daily headaches & these have now gone. I can thoroughly recommend popping in to see Emily!" - Nicole, 29

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Low back pain

"I injured myself during a kickboxing class & had consistent back pain. I left it for a few weeks but there was no improvement. My kickboxing instructor recommended I see Emily & the treatment worked wonders immediately. After a week it was time to get back to kickboxing training to try out my new & improved back. It has now been several months since I've had my back corrected & it is going stronger than ever! I cannot recommend Gillingham Chiropractic enough. Thank you fixing me!" - Callum, 23

"Emily is extremely friendly & welcoming. I am feeling the benefits of her expertise. Very highly rated, thank you." - Karen, 40

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